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Boho Story Templates

Boho Story Templates

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Upgrade your branding with these beautiful boho story templates! 
They are the perfect backgrounds for sharing customers stories, to put behind new posts or content, or for Q&A's! 

One time payment for lifetime access 
Comes with 5 high quality png files that can be used any way you'd like!

How to add a story template to your instagram story (must have updated iOS)

1. Create a story, or share a post/story of your own

2. Click the icon in the upper right corner that looks like a square smiley face. From there scroll down until you see the photo icon

3. Choose the story template you wish to use 

4. Hold (at the same time) your story template and the post you have shared on your story to make the image go to the back

5. Let go with one finger of the shared story while still holding the template, it should now be easily moveable and in the background

See how I use them here

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